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Highly accessible websites for companies and institutions.

Browser and mobile apps
Browser and mobile applications
Mobile optimized
Mobile optimized
Available off-line
Off-line browsing support
Performance driven
Performance driven
User centered design
User centered design
Highly measurable
Highly measurable analytics
Constantly enhanced features
Continuously enhanced features
Readable and accessible
Readable and fully accessible

Accessibility above all legislation

What is web accessibility?
By definition the web is accessible if it meets certain set of requirements given by law. The law is derived as a subset from WCAG 2.1 standard.
iOur websites meet 100% requirements of the standard and are thereby fully compliant regarding any current or future legislation.
Am I required to have an accessible website?
Section 508 applies to Federal departments and agencies. Other institutions like schools usually required to comply for funding reasons.
iAccessible websites are easy-to-use for anyone -- with or without disabilities. Accessible websites are favored by search engines too.
How can you measure or verify accessibility?
Accessibility can be expressed as a percentage of requirements it meets. There are evaluation tools, such as WebAIM or Measure from Google.
iAnalyze some of our websites and compare the result to any other website. Note that not only the home page, but all individual pages must be accessible.
Do I need a new website or just upgrade the current one?
It depends on condition of your website and the quote you’ll get to optimize it.
iWe provide websites with maximum accessibility with no need for retrospective optimization. We start where others aim to get.

Website types

  • Single-page websites with basic information and references
  • Presentation websites with more detailed information
  • E-commerce websites with simple product management
  • Publication websites with thousands of readers monthly

Custom content management

Authentic content-driven design

  • Highly adaptable design focused on your product or service
  • Incorporates corporate identity, logo manual, photos, business cards
  • Based on template or custom tailored to your company

Continuous enhancement and growth

  • Websites that keep up with technology growth
  • Enhanced design and features that match users' needs
  • Periodic testing, analysis, optimization

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