Content Management and Publishing

Create and publish content collaboratively with complex preview in testing environment.

Content and meta-data management

  • Collaborate to create content in Google Documents
  • Use simple variables and extended syntax (attributes)
  • Manage meta-information using Google Spreadsheets
  • Import / export meta-data automatically
  • Complete meta-data management including label priorities

One-click import

  • Simply insert document URL into UI
  • Click button directly from document (using API)
  • Choose content type (article, promo page, product)
  • Insert interactive elements using variables

Complete authentic preview

  • Preview new content in authentic testing environment
  • Involve beta testers and independent statistics
  • One-click deployment to production environment
  • Actively preview complete integration (see below)

Automatic integration

  • Add new content into news feed
  • Label new content e.g. with a ribbon
  • Activate links to the content
  • Show new content among related content
  • Incorporate new content into search and filtering